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We are engineers, designers, and researchers dedicated to empowering survivors of sexual assault.

Our Mission

Helping survivors on the path towards healing.

Our Wave was created as a place of support and self-healing for loved ones who were impacted by a traumatic event. We wanted to bring together a community where this support and healing could be possible. Along the way, we saw how challenging it can be to share a story at all, much less publicly share something so deeply painful and personal.

We seek to decrease the prevalence of assault and create a world where survivors are believed and supported.


Collect stories and build an empathetic community where survivors are heard, believed, and supported.


Build a centralized story base to proactively deduce patterns between narratives.


Create plans of action with public and private partners to improve prevention strategies and create a wave of change.

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Amber Pappas

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Charlotte Rogers

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Kathryn Bottita

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Lydia Sun

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Zach Oman

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