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Hayley Harris - Co-founder, Layers of Dignity

Hayley Harris

Co-founder, Layers of Dignity

“When a survivor has a safe place to tell their story they are given empowerment and freedom - Our Wave does just that!”


Our Wave User

“Sharing my story allowed me to feel like I had a voice that I didn’t have before. I had the freedom to choose when and who I shared it with.”

Suzanne Brown-McBride - Former Executive Director of CALCASA

Suzanne Brown-McBride

Former Executive Director of CALCASA

“I believe that Our Wave provides a vital platform for survivors to find collective voice safely and securely. We will never find a way to end sexual violence until we can talk about it and learn from one another. Talking about the violence in our lives can be a way to find healing and hope.”

Sarah S.

Our Wave User

“If I had known when I was a 20-year old girl that there was a place where I could go to talk about my experience. A place where I could meet a warm and accepting community to share this stuff with would have made an enormous difference. It can really remove the pain and reconnect you to people again after feeling isolated for so long.”

Melissa Hague - Survivor Advocacy Lawyer

Melissa Hague

Survivor Advocacy Lawyer

“Telling and sharing the stories of assault survivors is one of the most healing and empowering tools we have to end the rape culture. For decades, predators have relied on victim silencing and victim blaming to get away with criminal behavior. With each story that is told it chips away at that shield predators have hid behind for far too long. Thank you so much for giving survivors a safe place where they can be a voice not only for their own healing but also for all the other survivors out there who feel alone.”

Denise Saint Arnault - PhD, RN, FAAN

Denise Saint Arnault


“I have been listening to survivor stories my entire 30 year career. What continues to astound me is how infrequently these stories are shared, and how often I hear “You are the first person I have ever told.” Even writing those words brings tears to my eyes, and I want to shout “Please don’t hide! You have done nothing wrong! You deserve love and tenderness and healing!” What I also know is the power of telling those stories. It decreases our isolation, breaks up the shame, and allows others to give us the love and support we deserve. Finally, research shows that even writing our stories (here or in a journal) changes our ability to process them, moving us toward healing. Thank you (Our Wave) for this project, and thank you (survivors) for sharing your story.”

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