Únase a nosotros para apoyar directamente a los sobrevivientes de violencia sexual haciendo un regalo hoy. Nuestra Ola depende de sus generosas contribuciones para nuestro éxito continuo. Todo ayuda ❤️

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Brooke Tweedie

Nuestro Equipo

Brooke Tweedie

Our Wave Volunteer

Brooke (they/she) is a researcher working on a study exploring how LGBTQ people seek help and healing after gender-based violence. She received her Bachelor's of Arts from the University of Maryland (College Park), studying Psychology, Criminal Justice, and a minor in LGBTQ Studies. There, they immersed themself in sexual assault prevention education, campus advocacy, and crisis hotline work. They are passionate about queer issues and social justice, and will soon be pursuing a Master's in Social Work to continue their work with LGBTQ survivors.

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