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Kathryn Bottitta

Navigating Holiday Triggers

Hello Our Wave community!

Thanks for tuning in to this month’s A Curve in the Wave. It’s late December, and the holiday season is upon us. While for some the holidays are a time of joy and laughter, for others the holidays are not the “most wonderful time of the year.” It can be difficult to navigate triggers that may be presented when surrounded by family, friends, or memories surrounding the holiday season. So, if this time of the year is hard for you. Know that you are not alone. We are here for you.

Since we are a sexual and domestic violence platform, we thought it was fitting to share how the holiday season coincides with these harms. According to Women Against Crime, domestic violence rates spike during the holidays, due to reasons such as increased stress from planning, a magnifying glass on household incomes, and increased proximity. Additionally, there is an increase in date rape during the holiday season due to increased access to and use of drugs and alcohol. 

The holidays can bring up past memories that trigger painful emotions, some that may even be related to the violence you experienced that brought you to this platform in the first place. We hope that December’s Picks can help you feel supported as you gently navigate the holiday season. Thank you for being here. 

December Collection

Book Pick

Holiday Survival Guide: Learn to Navigate Family Gatherings, Coping Skills & Self-Regulation, and Make Holidays Less Stressful with 110+ Prompts, Activities, Quotes, and Challenges

This activity book is filled with challenges, mental games, quotes, quizzes, journal prompts, and learning activities to help you navigate family gatherings this season! This book can be an escape from the stress of family, and a great way to demonstrate self care this season!

Media Pick

Getting through the Holiday Triggers: Setting Boundaries, Overcoming Stress & Getting out of Holiday Survival

This article from SurvivorSpace addresses the anxiety and stress that can be associated with the holiday season. In a live discussion, Getting Through the Holiday Triggers (SurvivorCircle), the presenters discuss the “complexities of being a CSA survivor and navigating the looming holiday season, setting boundaries, protecting our space, dealing with possible triggers, and ideas to make a holiday season we can enjoy.”

Writing Prompt

This month, think about how you can prioritize self care during the holiday season. Try to identify three ways you will put yourself first, write them down, and also write how you will follow through on these plans! Try to include how these plans can help you reconnect with yourself, and think back on what has made you feel most at home with yourself.

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